• As a mark of good conduct and culture, students are expected to exchange greetings with Principal and members of the staff.
  • All Students should wear neat & clean uniform. Students are forbidden from wearing T-Shirts and Jeans.
    Students are forbidden to smoke in the college premises.
  • Students are forbidden to write or make any marks on the walls or desks or to throw papers or sprinkle ink on the floors of the class rooms.Those who violate these rules are liable to be punished.
  • If any damage is caused to any of the property of the college by any student /group of students, the cost of the same will be recovered with fine from the particular student/group of students.
  • No student who has been convicted of any offence in a court of a law will be allowed to continue his/her studies in the college.
  • Students should abstain from active participation in party or communal politics. Students who indulge in political propaganda or organize fellow students in politics in the precincts of the College or Hostel or engage themselves in party politics are liable to be expelled from the College and Hostel.
  • The Principal shall have power to frame and issue from time to time disciplinary rules of a permanent or temporary character regulating the conduct inside and outside the college precincts.
  • The principal / The Hostel authorities shall have full power to inflict the following punishments in the interests of the students or of the institution: fine, suspend and expel a student for violation of disciplinary regulations and code of good behavior.
  • No notice of any kind should be circulated or put up on the notice board without prior written permission from the Principal .Posters of any kind should not be pasted on the walls in the College/Hostels premises.
    No meeting of any kind should be held in the college campus without the previous written permission from the principal.
  • Students are not allowed to conduct any religious meeting in and around the college/hostel campus. Those who involve in religious activities are liable to be expelled from the college and hostel.
  • No student should, on any account, be permitted to enter inside the college office.
  • Any articles such as calculator, books, instruments etc., found in the college premises, which presumably lost must be handed over with all relevant derails to the principal.
  • Ragging, eve teasing, quarrelling etc., spoil the peaceful atmosphere of the college. Students are, therefore, advised against indulging in such undesirable activities which invite not only disciplinary action from the college but also the intervention of the law and order machinery of the State.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the college premises during working hours. They are required to get the prescribed “Out Pass” duly endorsed by the HOD concerned, before leaving the premises for any emergency/urgent needs. The “Out Pass” must be submitted to the Watch & Ward Officer at the Main Gate.